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Social Engagement
Automation and Analytics

Helping brands discover and engage consumers, analyze the performance of social marketing programs, and more intelligently target new customers

What is ssnapp?

ssnapp is a Multi-functional SaaS platform that monetizes a brand's customers on social medium by creating enduring engagement through branded communities called social engagement networks.

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Build Enduring Engagement
with your

Use gamified activities such as polls, contests, referral and sharing programs to build fun and engaging dialog with your customers.

Measure the Reach and
Effectiveness of Marketing

Sophisticated campaign tracking, reports, and dashboards allow you to see the results of your marketing efforts, the reach of your programs, and the influence of your social audience.

Bring your
customers back

Combine your social conversations across all popular social media into a single branded experience with a ssnapp Social Engagement Network.

Digitize word of mouth

Harness your most loyal customers social networks to extend your brand, reward key influencers, and understand the profiles of your best customers.

Understand your Customers
and their Social Networks

Predictive Analytics help you go beyond your customers likes & shares to understand their preferences, sentiments, and interests. Gain insights about hidden influencers in your customers social networks, and use sophisticated targeting algorithms to refine your messaging and craft highly effective programs that keep them engaged with your brand.

About ssnapp

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The team behind ssnapp is a diverse group of senior executives with a wide range of business experience, covering technology, advertising, data analysis and enterprise sales.


ssnapp it

A core part of the ssnapp brand mission is focused on creating a community environment where ssnapp as a business is in a position to give back. "ssnapp it forward" is the charitable division of ssnapp that will enable our company to support the charities we believe in as a team.

ssnapp it forward also will also allow the wider ssnapp community to support causes that are dear to their heart. Simply put, we believe in the widest possible definition of community: that it be a place where a group of people can come together to benefit both themselves and others. If we are able to achieve that goal, it will be the best measure of success we can think of.

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